Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Four Things About Me

I stole this from my friend Emily, hopefully she doesn't mind.  :)  I needed some help with blog material and this was perfect!

Four Places I Go Over and Over
1.  church
2.  work (which happens to be at church)
3.  Princess #1 and #2's preschool (which also happens to be at church)
4.  Reasor's grocery store

Four Movies I Have Watched More Than Four Times
1.  Notting Hill (so many good one-liners in this one!)
2.  You've Got Mail (I'm a sucker for Meg Ryan chick flicks)
3.  Shrek
4.  Barbie Fairytopia (hey, I live with 3 little girls....)

Four Places I Have Lived
1.  Atlanta, GA
2.  Overland Park, KS
3.  Bend, OR
4.  Ithaca, NY

Four TV Shows I Watch
1.  The Office
2.  Greek
3.  American Idol
4.  Project Runway

Four Places I Have Been
1.  Sydney, Australia
2.  Papua New Guinea
3.  Toronto, Canada
4.  Sofia, Bulgaria

People Who Email Me Regularly
1.  Aaron, my boss
2.  Melissa
3.  Nichole
4.  My grandma (she LOVES political forwards)

Four Of My Favorite Foods
1.  Pepperoni Pizza from Brothers Pizza
2.  Spinach Artichoke Pasta from Zio's
3.  Mongolian Beef
4.  Sushi!

Four Places I Would Like To Visit
1.  Disney World
2.  Hawaii
3.  Paris
4.  Ireland

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2008
1.  Starting a new career
2.  Becoming an aunt
3.  Launching a new church
4.  Watching Princess #1 go to Kindergarten (this also makes me very very sad).

And that's all!

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