Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 down

It's Spring Break this week and I have to admit I was totally terrified of it. I've definitely gotten used to Princess #1 being in school all day and with Princesses #2 and #3 in preschool 3 days a week, the transition to 4 princesses in general hasn't been too bad. But faced with Spring Break, 5 whole days of no school and just me and my lonesome to entertain, well let's just say I was shaking in fear!

So, enter Grammie and Grampie to the rescue! At about 2 hours away, they are just the right distance for a little getaway for Princess #1 and #2. We met them halfway today and the princesses are now enjoying pampering and spoiling that only grandparents can get away with. And while I'm relieved that I have two days with only two princesses to keep track of, I feel weird too. The house is so...CALM. I hardly know what to do.

Our house is so crazy 95% of the time (the other 5% occurring after about 9pm), I'm sure any innocent bystander would be spurred to flee from the premises with their fingers in their ears. And yet to me, the quiet is more unnerving. I'm not sure if it's the deafening stillness (and being able to hear normal noises like birds outside, our dishwasher running, etc.), or just the knowledge that my babies are not under my watchful eye and care for a couple of days. I bet it's probably a combo of both. I know that on Friday when my Princesses and subsequently chaos return, I'll probably be wondering when I can get a break again. And yet, I'll be breathing in the activity and noise as well. It's what makes our home, "home".

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  1. so true. I'm always dying for a break, and then I miss my munchkins when they are away! I hope you got some rest. :)


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