Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Letter

Dear Princess #4,

I know that cutting 4 teeth by the time you were 4 months old was a bit unusual. And I understand that having a mouthful of 8 teeth by 8 months old is even moreso. I imagine it must feel very strange to you, to have these rock hard objects in your mouth at such a young age. I even refer to you sometimes as my little Renesmee.

Unlike your literary counterpart, however, your mama does not have marble hard skin, nor the pain tolerance to endure your experimentation with your razor-sharp teeth. So, although it may be a sign of endearment from your perspective, I have to kindly request that you


With all my love,
Your mama


  1. OUCH!!!! My toddler bit the &*%# out of me yesterday, even breaking the skin, but at least that was just my ARM!

  2. LOL! You know I love this!

    BUT - OUCH!!! Good luck with her!

  3. LOL! I feel your pain...literally. from an almost 2 year old. ouch. i have one word for you....Lansinoh. thanks be to God for Lansinoh. :)

  4. Eek. It makes me wince just thinking about it!


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