Thursday, July 28, 2011

That's Classy

Hubby speaks in movie quotes.  This is something that is constantly the source of many an eye roll from him as I stare blankly at him and respond with a "huh?".  I'm sorry, I just don't set to memory entire scripts from movies to relay at a later date and appropriate time.

However, there are a couple movies that are just meant to be quoted.  One of our favorites is Notting Hill.  Not sure why exactly, but hubs and I have been known to bust out the "chicks dig gray" line more than a few times.  And who really can resist a scummy Irish dude anyway?  "

Another highly quotable movie in our book is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I won't bore you with regurgitating all the good ones as they're totally a "had to be there" sort of situation.  Just go watch the movie again.  You know you want to anyway.   However, there is one quote in particular that hubs and I refer to almost on a daily basis that I felt was worth sharing.

It's in the scene where the lead character's (Toula) cousin is unveiling the god-awful bridesmaids dresses she had made.  While Toula the bride is horrified, you can hear the oohing and ahhing of the other relatives as they admire the dress.  In the background Toula's sister exclaims, "That's CLAssy!" in a thick, whiny, Chicago accent.

Please don't ask me why this is hilarious.  It just is.  And SO fitting in nearly every situation in real life.

For example:

1.  Men spitting their, um, spit out the driver's window while waiting at a red light.  What is the deal?  Does the male species inexplicably create more saliva than the fairer sex?  Why is this considered an acceptable thing to do?  I do not care to see how far you can make your spit fly.  It's not impressive.

That's CLAssy!

2.  Faux balls hanging from the bumper on a pickup truck.  'Nuff said.

That's CLAssy!

3.  Women sporting tube tops with bras, the NON-strapless kind.  I don't care if the bra straps match the color of your top.  It is not a good look.  On anyone.  Ever.

That's CLAssy!

4.  Women walking around a store clearly wearing a bikini and a scanty coverup.  I know it's hot outside.  Seriously.  I'm melting too.  But I still managed to go out in public wearing a reasonable amount of clothing in non see-through material.  If you want to wear your bikini, move to the beach.

That's CLAssy!

5.  Daycare center named Kadazzle! (really?) across the street from the strip club.  OK, so maybe the strippers have kids.  I get it.  But still...

That's CLAssy!

Now that I've given you several examples of how to apply this quote in real life, you have a homework assignment.  Comment on this post with your own in real life application.  I'm anxious to see if you find it as highly fitting as hubs and I do!



  1. Yay for your sunshiny face being back...Missed ya. 

  2. Hi friend!  I cracked up reading these because I have seen so many of these in action too!  How bout the mom that tries to hard and wears a mini skirt that is FAR too short and bends over her truck to put her groceries in and in the process flashes her hiney and thong underwear...booty and all to the entire parking lot...ummm, THAT's Classy!! lol.  How have you guys been?


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