Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Survived

OK, so Chuck E. Cheese today wasn't completely horrible.  Note to self (and anyone else reading this):  IF I ever get suckered into hosting a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, PLEASE remember to schedule it at 10am on any day, as that is the time that Chuck E. Cheese opens and therefore has not yet had time to become completely inundated with germs and packed to the rafters with people.  DO remember to bring a stroller for Princess #3 so that I don't have to carry her around on my hip for 2 hours straight for fear if I put her down she will find the nearest crumb and crawl to it at lightening speed and put said crumb into her mouth before I can react.  DO bring enough money to buy Princess #2 (who isn't invited to the party) her own beverage and DO purchase it before a line gathers at the counter.  And finally, DO allow the princesses to waste their tokens on rides and the picture drawing station which doesn't give out tickets, so that the amount of random plastic crap that returns home with us is kept to a minimum.

Ah, lessons learned.

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