Monday, February 18, 2008

The Stars Have Aligned

My dear hubby and I are planning on a semi getaway this week.  I say semi because part of the time we will be with my parents and part of the time we will be leaving the two older princesses at my parents and going 4 hours away for 2 nights with princess #3 in tow.  So, not a true getaway, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

Anyway, in preparation for the week long vacation from work, hubby has been putting in long days, working 6 days straight.  While he comes home exhausted, I'm about to pull my hair out!  There's something maddening about not having a day off, God created weekends for a reason!  

My only saving grace has been this: miraculously the past 4 days IN A ROW I've been able to get all 3 princesses to take a nap, AT THE SAME TIME!!  For two blissful hours I'm left to my own peace and quiet with the freedom to do whatever I please.  Not only am I able to fill the time with mindless activities, but I'm even able to squeeze in a little housework and meal preparation that makes me look like the most awesome housewife ever.  I am at this very moment loving life.  Naptime - it does a mama good!


  1. I bet you hardly know what to do with yourself!

    Have fun on your trip. :)


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