Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've currently found myself home alone with only a sleeping baby for company.  Ah bliss.  Perfect time to try to get a little blogging in.

I've decided that hubby and I are pretty much mad crazy.  Four.  FOUR.  Four mouths to feed.  Four little bodies to clothe.  Four heads of hair to wash and brush and twist into braids.  Four lunches to make everyday.  Four backpacks to empty at night.  Four book reports to help with.  Four drivers.  Four college tuitions.  Four WEDDINGS.

Yeah, I pretty much need to stop looking at my life that way, LOL.  We are so blessed, so, so blessed.  I look at my newborn and am just in awe of God's work.  It fills me up so much, it makes everything I mentioned above worth it.  It's true I'm mourning the fact that we can no longer only order one pizza when we go out to eat, and that the next house we buy is going to need FIVE bedrooms (gosh that sounds HUGE!).  But I feel so lucky.  Four Princesses to watch grow.  Four kisses every night before bed.  Four sets of arms wrapping around me in the biggest hugs.  Four little voices saying "I love you mommy".  

It just doesn't get much better than that.

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