Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, where if you recall, I was pretty much ready to just throw in the towel.  I love that I have an outlet to share and vent my day to day frustrations if need be, because I think it's important to get it out.  However, at times I wish that I had the ability to think outside of myself on those days, to step back and look at the situations I'm facing with a little perspective, a little compartmentalization.  Rarely does a bad day with the Princesses ever become a bad week, or year or life.  Truly, it's usually simply just a bad day, one that's erased as the sun goes down and rises again with the promise of a fresh start.  And thank God for those fresh starts, right?  Where would we be without grace?

And I think that God knows, exactly when we need those fresh starts.  Those moments of reflection when we can look at our lives and say, "yeah, I'm not perfect.  I've screwed up bigtime.  But I'm blessed beyond words.  My life is full and complete.  And when He looks at me, he doesn't see the mess that I am, but the promise I have the potential to be."

A week ago, I got to see and experience first hand that fresh start.  My beautiful, perfect Princess #4 was born.  There is nothing, nothing, like holding a precious life fresh from God to bring a little perspective.  Such a miracle, from the beginning to the end, my mind can't even begin to wrap around it.  So much promise, so much life wrapped up in those blankets and laid in my arms.  What an awesome responsibility and gift.  I know I'm not the perfect mommy, I know that there are days where I literally throw in the towel.  But I hope that even in those moments, I'll always be able to take a step back and remember these first few days of our fresh start with Princess #4, and know that it's going to be OK.  

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  1. Oh, so sweet! Snuggle up and savor every last minute!
    I can't wait to meet princess #4 in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to your sip n see.

    I started a blog, too. :) It's fun!


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