Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2000 What?

Princess #1: "Mommy, when were you born?"

Me: "September"

Princess #1: "No, I mean WHEN. Like... 2000 what?"

Me: "uh..."

And for the first time I REALLY felt old. And speaking of old (haha!), today is hubby's birthday. You know when you end up with 4 little kids, birthdays just aren't about you anymore. Not even your own, not really.

At the princesses' request, we woke Daddy with breakfast in bed (of course, Your Majesty was sure to "pre-wake" Daddy, so he wouldn't growl or be cranky when the princesses climbed up on top of him). Following french toast we showered daddy with his presents. He is now the proud owner of a new box of crayons and a giant Star Wars coloring book, LOL. The princesses were so proud. Then we headed out to see "Up" in the theater. Cute movie, um, a little deep for the princesses (and scary according to princess #2). And then it was on to dinner (pizza of course - the only meal all the princesses eat well) and then cake at home complete with Star Wars plates, napkins and cups. I have to admit it was a little fun shopping on the boy's side of the party aisle for once!

And now I'm watching hubby play Uno with princess #1 and #2. He's such a good daddy. It's not always easy to accept that birthdays just aren't as big a deal as they used to be. Even harder when you realize it's because you're getting OLDER. So it's special having princesses in your life to share birthdays with - they make it a BIG DEAL. Even if all you get is a box of crayons and a kid's movie.

(For the record, Your Majesty did get hubby some new cologne and tickets to see 'Wicked' next month. So, not JUST crayons...)


  1. Oh, we loved Wicked! So glad you guys are going! Happy B-day to you, Jason!

  2. so sweet... sounds like a perfect b'day. :)


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