Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I wish I had more to blog about these days. My life just seems so repetitious that I'm not finding much exciting I guess. Just the same routine, over and over. The expanse of summer stretching out in front of us. I'm tired... and HOT. Dang is it hot here! It's been officially summer all of 2 days and it's already over 100. Ugh.

Let's see, surely there's some news...

Oh, Princess #4, at the ripe old age of 4 months, sprouted TWO TEETH. Seriously? It's sort of ridiculous. If you're not familiar with babies' teething patterns, most usually START teething around 4 months but rarely will you see a pearly white before 8 months old. At least with my princesses. But no, Princess #4 thought she'd change it up. Makes nursing fun. Oh yeah.

She's rolling too. Front to back and back to front. It's funny, I remember how insanely excited I was when Princess #1 learned this new trick. Now, not so much. Princess #4 does not enjoy being on her belly. And yet she continues to roll. Protesting all the time. She doesn't seem to understand that SHE is the one in charge of her rolling. No one is doing it for her. I think she'll get it soon.

She has figured out how to bat at the little toys hanging from her Dream Meadow (side note - this is the coolest thing ever. Babies don't need battery operated/light flashing/noise making toys. Simplify.). She grabs at the little wooden rattles and hold on for dear life. It's quite funny actually. She's got good aim.

We still have made absolutely no progress on her taking a pacifier and I've pretty much given up. I was so smug when I only had one Princess. We waited until the book-dictated age of 4 weeks to give her the paci, thinking it would cause her to be less addicted and of course not cause nipple confusion. It worked I guess. She used it casually on and off until she was 8 months old when we successfully weaned her off of it. Oh yeah, we were awesome parents. No 2 year old in our house walking around talking behind a paci! Then came Princess #2. Colicky, spitty, fussy, the works. I learned what a glorious wonder a paci could be and sang it's praises. She only used it to sleep, but that was enough. By the time Princess #3 came along I was all about The Paci. I shoved that sucker in her mouth every chance I could. And yes, she is now 2 and still sleeps with it. And I don't care. So here I am with Princess #4 and I only WISH I could get her to take it. Let's face it. I can only be in one place at a time. I think her life (and mine) would be much happier if she'd allow herself to be soothed by something other than me. It's ok, because she's my baby and I'll gladly be her personal paci, but you know... sometimes...

Ok, this was all so random. My mind is everywhere tonight. But there ya go.

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