Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birth High

Totally got to watch a baby enter the world today.  Fresh life, there is just nothing better.

I've kinda lost my mojo with my certification process, but being there firsthand (I was holding a leg people!) really lights a fire under me again.

Mama rocked it.  Seriously.  She went to the hospital at 4cm, broke her water, got pit to augment and still she held on and delivered that baby with no drugs.  We had to talk her down off the ledge a couple times, but the first words out of her mouth after she was holding that sweet babe was, "I can't believe I did this! Thank you so much for not letting me give up!".

That's why I love this job.



  1. What an incredible rush of awesomeness!!! Congrats to her and to you!!

  2. How exciting!

    believe it or not going into labor is my favorite part about being pregnant lol! With my first I had something put in my IV and for my 2nd I almost didnt make it to the hospital. By the time I got there I was already pushing my little one out! I am hoping I can go without drugs again this time around too!

  3. A Little R & RJune 29, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    How sweet!!!!!!!!  

  4. Oh sweet baby A. 
    How exciting. So glad you talked her down.


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