Friday, June 10, 2011

The One In Which I Set Fire To The Oven

Disclaimer:  this is NOT my oven.  My fire was not nearly so dramatic.  It makes my story seem more exciting though, doesn't it?

I am really good at holding track records.

Not actual track records, as in, you know, running.  Ha.

But I am quite good at upholding good records.

For example, as a kid, I never got sent to the principal's office.  Perfect student record, check.

As a teen, I never had a cavity.  Perfect dental hygiene record, check.

As an adult, I never have gotten a speeding ticket.  Perfect driving record, check.

And until today, I never set fire to my kitchen.

I guess at least one perfect record had to come to an end.

So, for future reference, if you're broiling fish in a foil covered pan for your family and then later need to broil another filet for your hubs who came home late from work, do NOT use the same foil covered pan you used for the first batch of fish.

The lovely parmesan cheese topping that covered the first batch of fish and melted onto the foil will run a great risk of igniting into flame upon a second trip into the oven.

I'm just sayin.  You know, in case you want to keep your perfect kitchen record in tact.

And if you accidentally find yourself with flames ablaze in your oven, I hope you have a hubs nearby who by some randomness knows to grab the container of salt to douse the flames.  How did he know to do that?  I must have missed that episode of The Cosby Show or something.



  1. Quick thinking by your husband!  I set the stove on fire not too long ago for the first time, and it was my hubs that came to the rescue.  Who knew a bag of flour could put it out?!?

  2. A Little R & RJune 14, 2011 at 8:25 AM

    Ummmm....this gives a new meaning to "blackened fish".  lol!!!!  


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