Friday, September 9, 2011

Not My Words, But So My Heart

Very, very rarely, I stumble across a blog post that is So Good I want to cry.

The link below will take you to such a post.

It is very long, but the last two paragraphs are worth the whole read.

It made me want to stand up and yell, "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!"

And I'm not even considering adoption.

But I'm a child of God, and I live in this community of Life that He created, perfectly.  And the call to be in community with one another is so strong in me, after reading this post I can't help but feel moved to action.

So go read this post, then come back and tell me what you think.  I can't wait to hear!

The author, Jen, with her husband and daughter Remy, coming down the airport escalator after picking Remy up from Ethiopia



  1. Girl - I am so with you. Amazing story. Amazing God. 

  2. What a priceless capture and so so sweet.  To care for the widows and orphans is the heart of Christ.  Beautiful!

  3. Not my words, but so my heart too. Really, they had me at the escalator pic, but the post over at Jen's place pierced my heart in a big way. I've been feeling the pull of adoption for some time...not sure what God's going to do with that one, a little scared really.

  4. WOW! That was such a POWERFUL read. Thank you so much for sharing it! It was so real and so raw and so transparent and stated so WELL. I can't get over it. And I love how she pointed that it if you want to adopt based on those little details of announcing the news, arriving at the airport, then you shouldn't be thinking about adoption. Because adoption is all about parenting. Its about loving a child that is not biologically yours yet yours nonetheless, loving them unconditionally and without compromise. Not everyone can do that, at least not those who dont have the heart of God. And OH HOW WE NEED to have the heart of God. I want to adopt. I actually want to do something in regards to helping and rescuing children right here in our country who are viciously abused day in and day out. Yet I am terrified. Would I be able to handle it what I see? Am I strong enough? Getting out of our comfort zone to live a life that brings glory to His name and furthers His kingdom is not all roses and glitter. Nor will it ever be. It's hard stuff. It's heart wrenching stuff. Yet He has called all of to tend to the harvest. Again, thank you so much for sharing this!


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