Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mama Got Schooled

It occurs to me that I might be enjoying my newfound freedom that comes with having older children who are able to get up and fend for themselves for awhile before feeling the need to wake me a *little* too much:

When after I've hastened my oldest out the door, chiding her to not be late to school and she looks at me with a mix of chagrin and 9 year old honesty and says, "well, why don't you get up sooner so you can help us get ready on time?"


Either I've just been called on the carpet or someone's getting too big for their own britches.  Or maybe both...



  1. LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I admit to doing (and hearing) the exact same thing. Touche!

  2. Oh man.. my daughter will be five this year and starts school in August. She is alrady hitting that stage.. kind of makes me feel really old! Ha!


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