Sunday, February 12, 2012

There's A Party In My Tummy! So Yummy!

This is the first real party I've thrown since discovering Pinterest.

Will any party truly ever be the same after discovering Pinterest?

I'm guessing no.

I had scads of ideas.  Check out my Mama Shall Have Parties board.  SCADS I tell you.

Paper chain decorations?  Yep.

Rainbow fruit?  Yep.

Crepe paper backdrops?  You betcha.

The list goes on.

And don't even get me started on this brilliance:

The gumball border was my brainchild.  Sprinkle covered top courtesy of hubs.

I'd say my first post-Pinterest party was a success.

The birthday girl seemed to think so.

There's a party in my tummy!  So yummy!  So yummy!



  1. O MY!!!! What a Fabulous Party!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! ADORABLE!!

  2. Thank you!  It was fun to plan!

  3. Looks great, T!!!  Those pics are kinda freaking me out though... the fishbowl looking ones. Is that a funky lens?  Or some iPhone app?  The cake is gorgy!

  4. Hmmm, we had a bday at our house this weekend too. Let's just say, it looked nothing like this, and I am so jealous. Super cute and simple things. Adorable, adorable.

    See, maybe I need to do Pinterest after all!

  5. LOL. Yeah, I bought hubs a lens for his iphone for Christmas. He's obsessed with it.

  6. It was amazing, and of course the girls had a blast! I'm pretty sure, though, that my girls' birthday parties will look nothing like this, even after Pinterest ;) I haven't even started planning Pistachio's and it is literally a month away. Yikes!

  7. Wow!!!! Looks great and what fun!

  8. Girl, that cake, those gumballs, those oreos, the jelly beans...the colors!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! What a fun birthday party!  Great job momma!!  Happy 3rd to your little one:)

  9. Oh! The party came out beautiful! Great job!!!

  10. Incredible!...You are for hire right?...b/c I am thinking with this scale of brillance you could potentially net u some income!! U rocked this party momma!!

  11. Aw thanks! You're sweet! I think I need to be making some $$ doing this to pay for the chiro visits I'm going to need to fix my back after putting up all that crepe paper!

  12. You need to get on it girl!  I'll help!

  13. Let me know, I'll send ya an invite!  :)

  14. This looks fabulous, so colorful!!  


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