Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soooo.. This is Awkward...

It feels weird to write again after disappearing for so long.

It wasn't intentional, I promise.

It's just... summer.

Need I say more?

Anywhoooooo.... here's the deal:

I promise I'm coming back.  Just a few more weeks until the crew is back in school, we are back in routine, my life is back in order.

Then.  Then, I shall write.

Until then, I shall leave you with this picture of Princess #4 before her very first gymnastics class.

Look out world.  Olympics 2028 here we come!



  1. That CAN'T be princess #4!!! When did she get so big? She's still supposed to be a baby, isn't she???

  2. How cute!! Yay! I have missed your posts! 

  3. I hope your summer is going really well!  Your daughter is such a cutie.  Did she enjoy her first class?

  4. Hey Heather! She loved it. Looooooved it. I can't stop her from trying cartwheels in the living room. :-). Thanks for asking!


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