Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to my planet

I live on Planet Pink.  It is a land of tutu trees, princess crown mountains and more hair ribbon rivers than any planet should have.  My next door neighbor is Strawberry Shortcake (who is sweet as sugar, by the way) and Barbie lives down the street.  On this planet it is acceptable to wear pants ONLY in extreme emergencies, or when your mom and dad decide that it's time to broaden your style horizons and insist that you wear pants at least 3 days a week.

I didn't set out to live on Planet Pink.  Although I fully admit that I secretly hoped my first foray into motherhood would land me there, I also envisioned a pit stop or two on another planet, blue in color.  And yet here I find myself.  Up to my neck in pink.  I'm not totally sure I know exactly how to navigate this planet just yet.  There are many, many mysteries.  All of them wrapped up in the Three Princesses who rule this planet.  They have given me a title: Your Majesty.  I wear that crown proudly, however I'm beginning to suspect that this title hold very little power.  Some days I think I'm in charge, but other days it is painfully obvious that the ones running this planet are under the age of 5 and still take naps (some days).

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