Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My soulmate on the Planet

8 years ago today I embarked on a journey with my soulmate that's held many twists and turns, ups and downs.  He's really the only person in the world I know that would be willing to live with me, Your Majesty.  And he's dang awesome at living on the Planet Pink.  Not too many guys would be.  It doesn't bother him in the least that we have more red/pink laundry than all the other colors and whites combined.  It doesn't bother him that My Little Pony and Barbie often end up under foot, especially when walking barefoot through the house (a practice I would NOT recommend!).  It doesn't bother him that around here Star Wars is deemed "SCARY!" and the only Princess approved programs on a family movie night usually include sappy love songs and "true love" (sigh).  It doesn't bother him that he is often called upon to play the role of the 4th Princess and tap into his feminine side.  He does it all with gusto and enthusiasm, the way a dad on Planet Pink should.

Of course he's doing all he can to infuse a little blue here and there.  We have a computer and keyboard as permanent fixtures in my bedroom.  Not exactly the "retreat" environment I was going for, but you know.  We have an XBOX where he can work out aggression on Halo or 007 or whatever else the heck he plays.  I let him stay up late to watch his "SCARY" movies while I get some much needed sleep.  I figure all of that is such a small price to pay for having the Greatest Guy On The Planet.

The thing I love the most is that he's teaching the 3 Princesses such an incredible lesson.  What a man should be.  What a man should do.  How a man can love.  What an important lesson in this day and age.  I can only hope and pray that someday the 3 Princesses grow up to find a Prince like mine.

Happy Anniversary love.  

PS:  Despite Princess #2's declaration of undying love for her diapers, my soulmate got her to do the impossible today!   Pee pee in the potty x4!!  I told ya he's the man!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And way to go Daddy on getting Miss Princess on the potty! Now THAT is true love, lol!


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