Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hide And Seek

Did you know that trash that has been sitting in a bag, in a garbage can, in the hot hot sun for 2 days is really, really nasty?

All I have to say is that we drink a butt load of coffee judging by the coffee grounds that were all over everything.

And why do I know all this you may ask?

Well, if one's hubs were to wait until he needed to leave for work to start looking for his car keys, and said keys weren't in the usual places, so he had to drive the van to work, leaving one searching frantically all over the house for the stupid keys, fueled by the knowledge that they are stuck at home with 4 kids until said stupid keys are found, and aggravation that they were the last ones to drive the car and are thus responsible for losing said stupid keys - AND that one started to worry that maybe they had accidentally thrown them away in the kitchen trash the night before while unloading groceries... well, that one might be compelled to go through the nasty trash.

One should have waited until a certain 5 year old came home from school.



  1. Yup, been there!  However, I found mine in the freezer.....two days later, I realized I was pregnant.  That's what I blamed it on and I'm sticking to it =o)


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