Friday, May 11, 2012

Really, TIME Magazine?

Do you think we're stupid to fall for this?

Mothers are the blood, sweat and tears behind child-rearing.  We are the ones that sustain life in our own for 9 months, and birth with pain, labor and strength.  We are the ones who juggle the myriad of decisions to be made regarding our children, researching endlessly, engaging in numerous discussions, enduring sleepless nights.  We are the ones that kiss invisible booboos, have tea parties with teddy bears and fly around the backyard with our super hero blankets tied around our necks.

There are as many variations on the same theme as there are stars in the sky.  For every extended breast feeder there will be another bottle feeder.  For every epidural there will be a drug free home birth.  For every public school student there will be a homeschooler.  For every attached child there will be one tear stained alone in their crib.  We all do what we determine to be the best for our families with the information we've been given.  We all approach motherhood with a foundation, a lens and personal experience to draw upon.  And perhaps shockingly to you, many of us are very well prepared for it.

Do you think we're so dumb that we can't see inflammatory, purposely controversial propaganda when it's shoved in our faces?

Do we mean so little to collective society that it's become fun and games to pick at parenting choices, to isolate the outliers, to make fun of a mother's instinct?

To attempt to divide and conquer speaks volumes about your respect for motherhood, and women in general.

And we wonder why our world is spinning out of control.

Take a step back TIME Magazine.  And Happy Mother's Day.



  1. Loooove this!!! Well said!!!

  2. Amen, amen and amennnnn - I hate  the mommy/internet wars to begin with...Time added a little bit more fuel to that flame :S urgh


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