Monday, January 7, 2008

Everyone In The Whole Wide World

This morning Princess #1 and Princess #2 both climbed up in my lap while their daddy was vacuuming the floor.  They both have an unnatural fear of the vacuum, so this event was not unusual.  Spurred on by the irrational fear that the vacuum might suddenly suck them both up, they began declaring their undying love to me.  A chorus of "I love you mommy" fell on my welcoming ears.  Princess #1 then began extend her list to the rest of our family:  "and I love daddy and sissy and sissy and Max (the planet's pug)... "

And then she ended with this: "...and I love everyone in the whole wide world.  Even though I haven't met them yet, I still love them."

Ah sweetheart, if only more people in this world felt the same way.


  1. too cute...nice blog by the way! our little one started wailing tonight when her daddy sneezed loudly but seems not to be bothered by the vacuum...yet!

  2. I found you! I love your blog. Your girls are so sweet. XOXO, M

  3. Charlie has been terrified of the vacuum forever, until recently when I taught her to "feed" it. I took out the suction tube and gave her a pile of shredded paper to feed one at a time to it...she had a ball watching it get sucked in and seeing it swirl around in the inside! It was hilarious.

    It's nice that fear makes her appreciate you. ;) And apparently, everyone else too! What a sweetie.

  4. What a sweetie! A child who was afraid of the vacuum cleaner would totally complicate my life - lol! Maybe you could try Jeri's trick ;-)


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