Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year's neglect and other stuff

So, the prodigal blogger returns.  Christmas/New Year's is always a hectic time of year for everyone and is especially so on Planet Pink.  Our new year has already been wrought with illness (stomach virus for Your Majesty, strep throat for Princess #2).  It seems to me that it should be impossible for Your Majesty to be inconvenienced with such things as bowing to the porcelain throne while still having to maintain other functions such as nursing Princess #3 every waking moment, shuttling Princess #1 to ballet and school and cleaning up after Princess #2 who has yet to find it within herself to deposit #2 into said porcelain throne.  Fortunately for ALL of us, this inconvenience was short-lived, and Your Majesty is back to normal.

It always seems so daunting to me, to begin a New Year.  So much promise, so much hope, all wrapped up in 12 calendar pages.  It's almost too much pressure.  I typically don't really make New Year's resolutions, because I'm sure to break them.  In fact, I made them last year and yes I forgot all about them by about Jan. 15th.  This year, I'm approaching it differently.  Not with a resolution per se, but maybe with just a determination to not end 2008 year in the same place as 2007.  And I don't necessarily mean same place geographically (although that would be fine with me), but I mean personally, physically, emotionally and perhaps most important: spiritually.  It's still a tall order, but being less bound by specifics makes it feel more achievable in some ways.  I *hope* I won't forget about this by Jan. 15th.  Sometimes getting wrapped up in running The Planet makes details like this fall by the wayside.  But I know in my heart that it must be done.  In some ways, the Planet Pink depends on it.

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  1. Oh no Tricia! I'm so sorry to hear about the, ahem, festivities. I think this is the first year in a looooooooong time that our whole family was remarkably healthy through the holiday season. Yay for no puke, running noses, coughs, or any other yucky stuff!


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