Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Wait

Today, I'm feeling reflective and I find myself back at my old roadblock:  Is it possible to enjoy the present while looking to the future and remembering the past?  I tend to be a futuristic sort of gal, always planning and dreaming and hoping.  I also tend to be a "rose-colored glasses" person too, remembering events and times in my past with such fondness and nostalgia.  But where does that leave me in the present?  Often wishing I was in the future or the past.  And how silly is that?  Time is so fleeting.  My 3 princesses are growing up before my eyes.  Princess #1 will start Kindergarten this coming August, something I am not sure I'll ever be ready for.  Princess #2 is making strides towards a diaper-free existence and Princess #3 is growing at an astronomical rate, learning new things every single day.  How can I allow myself to miss out on all this, being too worried about what our next steps should be tomorrow or wondering why we didn't do things a little differently yesterday?  I guess I'm just struggling with The Wait again and how that fits into Life.  Not even sure what I'm waiting for.

I am a Christian. I know what I live for.  I know Where I'm heading when this life is over.  But how do I live THIS life to the fullest?  Still pondering that one...

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  1. we always have to think about that. What has He called us to do at this moment in our lives. Sometimes we just have to know that His ways and thoughts are way higher than ours will ever be.

    Its soooooo good to hear from you!! I miss you guys. I miss your girls! tell them Brittany said hello:) I hope to see you soon and see those girls who are rapidly growing! God bless


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