Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss America Judge

Tonight I sat down with the Princesses to watch one of the greatest contests of all time - The Miss America Pageant.  Thank goodness for DVR, we were able to fast forward through the silly stuff and get down to the nitty gritty.  I had promised the Princesses a glorious hour or so of beautiful, sparkly gowns and tiaras.  Instead what we got were 52 women strutting their stuff on stage in tank tops and blue jeans. ???

By the time the top 16 were announced, Princess #1 in particular was getting antsy.  Where were the sparkly gowns?  Just then the swimsuit competition began.  I promised Princess #1 that things were about to get more interesting.  One by one the top 16 entered the stage wearing very boring, black bikinis.  Princess #1 stared at me rather accusingly, as if it were my personal fault that there was no sparkle to be found.

Just then, Miss Mississippi filled up our TV screen.  Wearing, yes, a black bikini.  BUT, to the delight of Princess #1, it was adorned with a shocking pink sparkly trim.  And just then Princess #1 leapt to her feet and exclaimed, "Now THAT'S more like it!  That's what I'm talking about!"  Miss Mississippi didn't make it past the swimsuit round, and the title went to the lovely Miss Michigan.  But to Princess #1, Miss Mississippi will always be a winner.

I'm telling you, they don't call our planet PINK for nothing.  ;)


  1. What a fun girls night to watch the pageant together!

  2. This, thin is why Miss America has been relegated to a small cable station. If they could simply embrace the glamour, the sparkle and the PINK we all want to see we would watch it again.

    I would much rather see your little princesses put on a pageant. Let's do that together someday! XOXO, M


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