Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Day for Moms

It's Mother's Day.  This morning I woke up in my brand new bed - my Mother's Day gift.  For 8.5 years hubby and I have slept on a queen mattress and box spring on the floor.  So, for the first time in our entire married lives I slept in my OWN bed, complete with headboard, footboard and rails.  Whoo hoo! I actually feel like a grown up.  And I do realize that I am getting old when household items and furniture gifts actually rate on the excitement scale.

I received two lovely homemade cards from Princess #1 and #2 before heading out to church.  There's not much sweeter than painstakingly placed stickers and chicken scratches from your babies.  I cherish those.  Princess #1 was particularly proud of her card in which she very neatly wrote her name at the top.  She is just getting too big.

Following church we went to what is becoming our Mother's Day lunch spot - The Elephant Bar.  Two years running now, this restaurant is the place to go on Mother's Day.  I don't know if people don't like it or it's not well known or if it just doesn't get the throngs of people who are primarily leaving church because of the word "bar" in the name - but whatever the case, it makes for an excellent spot for a young family to go.  We waited about 15 minutes tops for our table and during that time were treated to samples.  On the way out our waitress handed me a pink carnation and a gift card for a free appetizer at our next visit.  Not bad, eh?  Try the Crispy Honey Orange Shrimp - it's marvelous!

And then, upon returning home, my Mother's Day miracle occurred:  We all took naps!  Well, Princess #1 and #2 read books quietly in their room - but I'll take what I can get.  Hubby and I dozed on our new bed for well over an hour.  Heaven I tell you.

Of course the rest of the evening ended with a bloody nose (Princess #2 - running into a wall) and a rug burn (Princess #1 - falling down while playing chase) and general drama and overreaction.  But all in all I'd say it was a wonderful Mother's Day.  I'm so blessed.  Yes, many times (several just today) I wish for earplugs or a tranquilizer or SOMETHING.  But then those Princesses crawl into my lap and whisper that they have a super secret surprise for me and then give me the biggest hugs ever... and it makes it all so worth it.

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