Thursday, May 8, 2008


When a child that you don't know is playing with your children in a public area (ie, a playroom at a children's boutique), and she is holding on to one of your child's toys (a Snow White Barbie doll) and won't give it up even though you are trying to leave and you've asked for it politely, at what point do you expect said child's mother to intervene?  AND, when said child's mother does try to intervene (5 minutes later), but does so in the form of a weak "it's not your toy sweetie. Let's see what mommy has in her purse for you.  Give the toy back.  No baby, it's not yours.  Here, I found a little doll thats yours.  Can you give the dolly back to the little girl?  Sweetie, it's not your doll.  No, sweetheart.  You can't keep it..." and this continues on for FIVE MINUTES while the stubborn toddler refuses to part with the toy, at what point do you cut your losses and leave without the toy?  

I know.  I've been there.  I'm all for trying to remedy a situation as quietly and calmly and with as much respect for my child as possible.  Especially in a public place.  But is it really necessary to give your 2 year old THAT MUCH respect?  Seriously, I would have been removing the doll from my Princess's grip after 2 requests to return it on her own, tops.  The mother seemed to show no embarrassment over the situation whatsoever.  I really think that she might have stayed there all day asking her 2 year old to give the doll back.  Fortunately, her grandmother was mortified and finally managed to pry the hostage from her granddaughters fingers.  Snow White is safely back in our home, where she belongs.


  1. Why don't people parent anymore? Shesh!

    And hugs on the tornado season, is it bad that I am planning our trip to see around when it's not Tornado season. Hugs!

  2. Oh that's frustrating. I've been known to take the matter into my own hands...

    I'm sorry you are so worried about tornado season. Praying for you and yours.

  3. Reminds me of the time I was at Target and saw an older toddler (4ish?) acting up. The grandmother said to the child, no joke, "Am I going to have to buy you another toy so that you'll behave?" Brilliant.


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