Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top 5 things I'll miss blaming on pregnancy

In honor of reaching my 35th week of pregnancy, instead of focusing on the excruciating pain I get when Princess #4 crams her hiney into my ribs, or the circus act I've become where I actually defy gravity with the current extension of my belly, I thought I'd try my hardest to reach deep and reflect on the "good things" about being pregnant.  I tried to get all warm and fuzzy and coo about feeling the babe move, or talk about the natural "glow" (don't be fooled, it's really just sweat from being a human incubator).  But let's be honest here.  At this point in the game (a mere 5 weeks out), my turkey timer is done and there's not much warm and fuzzy left (there's not much room left either).   SO, after much thought I've decided that the best "good thing" about pregnancy is for 9 months things that would be normally attributed to growing older or growing irrational can be reassigned to the "Oh, I'm just pregnant" category.  Truly, there is not much better than having 9 months of no responsibility to claim for your behavior.  I encourage all woman to embrace this "good thing" in their current or future pregnancies.  It's nature's way of making it all worth it.

So here it is, the top 5 things I'll miss blaming on pregnancy:

1.  Forgetting EVERYTHING.  See a couple posts down.  Every last brain cell has been sucked from my body. 

2.  Crying at commercials.  Hallmark has it in for me big time.  

3.  Random aches and pains.  For now I can just pretend that carrying an extra human inside me is the reason that I don't spring up from a sitting position anymore.  For now...

4.  Insomnia.  Surely the fact that I have to literally get on my hands and knees to simply roll over in bed is enough to wake me several times a night.  

5.  General crankiness.  'Nuff said.

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  1. Oh , I think you can use those excuses for many years to come. Hang in there sweetie! The last weeks are so hard!


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