Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Bit Of Housekeeping

Happy Sunday night!  I hope the weekend was smashingly wonderful for you.

I wanted to take just a couple of minutes to address a few bloggy things.

First of all, you've probably noticed my new commenting system, powered by Disqus.  I debated back and forth about switching to a new platform for awhile and ultimately decided to give it a go.  Some things I love about Disqus:

1.  If you look you'll see that the comments are threaded now.  I can comment directly back to you and it will appear under your comment.  For that matter, YOU can reply to any comment yourself in the same manner.  I love that this really facilitates discussion and community.  So feel free to comment and reply as often as you like!  You can also "Like" someone's comment, very similar to Facebook.

2.  You can log in with several different ID's. If you have a Facebook account, you can use that.  Or Twitter.  You can even use your Google/Blogger acct. (That's Open ID, which I didn't know until I started using Disqus - learn something new every day!).

3.  If you subscribe to the comment thread via email, you can respond via email and it will go straight to the comment section on my blog.  Very helpful, particularly if you are involved in a conversation.

Now for some bummers about Disqus:

1.  It's an extra log in step, particularly for those that don't have accounts anywhere (plus you have that creepy silhouette as your profile pic - working on changing that!).  I appreciate the extra effort, so I promise to give alot of extra bloggy love in return for any inconvenience (picture me batting my eyelashes here).

2.  The biggie is that when making the switch, I lost all my old comments that were made via the old system (*sobbing*).  According to Disqus, you CAN import old comments from Blogger, but I keep running into errors.  I have a support ticket open on it and hopefully it will be resolved soon.  So I have to say that although I love many things, if you are thinking about switching to Disqus, please be wary of my experience.

OK.  On to other things.  My pen name.  Since the beginning of this blog I've kept a certain level of anonymity.  I've loosened up some (ie, the pictures), but I've still refrained from sharing our names, location, etc.  From the beginning I've referred to myself as Your Majesty.  But it wasn't quite working for me.  It conjured up images of some regal Queen sitting high on her throne with a bemused look on her face as she oversees her subjects.  And while I AM often bemused, very rarely to I just get to sit and oversee.  So, my dear friend Melissa at Another Lunch proposed the name "Queenie".  And I think it fits just fine.  So, there ya go.

Networking - The blogging world is a big, big place.  I've found there are nearly as many communities and forums dedicated to discussing blogging as there are actual blogs!  I've had to pick and choose, because it's extremely overwhelming, not to mention time consuming.  So, if you're into the networking "thing", here are a few places out in virtual world you can find me:

1.  BlogFrog:  You can find me via my name (Queenie) or my blog address.  I do not have my own blog community, but I enjoy participating in discussions on several others.  I'm currently most active at Ingenue Mom's Community where I'm doing my part (via incessant chatting) to help get Cameron's community hopping.  If you're a BlogFrog member or are interested in joining, pop on over and say hi!

2.  Mom Blogger's Club:  You can find me here by searching for The Planet Pink.  I find this format to be set up much like Facebook, so find my profile and send me a friend request!  I've met alot of wonderful bloggers through this group.  I'm not as active on the forums there, but maybe at some point.  Have to prioritize right now!

3.  Twitter:  Let it be known that I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing.  But I'm there.  You can follow me at theplanetpink.

Finally, I just wanted to say thanks, for taking the time to visit my little corner of the blogosphere.  I know there are alot of different blogs out there to read, and I appreciate you stopping by (wow, did that sound like a knock off of the airlines pitch or what?).  Seriously though, thank you!

And that's the end of my boring housekeeping post.  On to bigger and better things tomorrow!

My friends, anything you'd like to add?  If I'm not following you on a networking site, please let me know so I can find you!



  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I too am terrified about the years to come! I'm surrounding myself with mommies now so we can all walk through it together! Looking forward to checking out your blog!

  2. I really like this post! Let me know if you figure out the issue with the old comments. I've been thinking about disqus & it sounds great, but that kinda makes me not so excited...

  3. I heard from Disqus today and they said they were working on a fix for
    it and would let me know when it's update. But they gave me no time
    frame, so who knows? It's too bad because I'm enjoying the other
    features (as I reply to you directly from my email on my phone). ;-)

  4. PS. You were my 100th follower!! Imagine lots of pomp and circumstance and confetti flying!! Whoo hoo!

  5. I'm actually really glad you explained all those things about Disqus. I've seen other people use it but I didn't know any of the pros and cons to the program. Thanks for sharing...
    and... *sigh* I wish I had been some special number follower... I missed the confetti.

  6. I'm following 'cause I found you through Cameron at Ingenue Mom, and 'cause I love the name of your blog! I have a 10 year old daughter, adore her, and am frightened to death about the years ahead. But it'll be great blog fodder! Can't wait to read more, I'm going to troll your blog right now!

  7. I also added you on all your social media places. I'm like a stalker...

    Or a genuine blog friend.


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