Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Nothings

I love blogging on Fridays because it feels almost like a review day at school.  No pressure.  Nothing heavy.  Just hanging with friends, chatting about nothing.

Date night was a huge success.  Eclipse was fantastic, although I think I could have seen any movie and been thrilled.  Just getting out and about with the hubs like a normal person felt so... well, normal.  It was so rejuvenating to flirt and have fun and talk about things other than the kids for a bit (although we did plenty of kid talking as well).  We goofed off with taking self portraits on hubby's phone while waiting in line, we indulged in ridiculously overpriced hotdogs and nachos and drinks and of course, Sour Patch Kids (the ultimate movie candy).  We came home to a clean house and a sleeping baby.  Perfection.

A date night self-portrait.  Aren't we cute?

Hubby and I never got to really "date" in the traditional sense of the word.  It's another story for another time, the tale of our courtship, but the main bulk of it was that out of the 2 years we dated, we were separated for 18 months by 6,000 miles.  That's really, really far.  Especially when you're in love.  So any moment we get to relive those early dating days is really special and something we cherish.

So, Friday is upon us.  Hubs has the day off (yay!) so lawn work is in order.  This is especially difficult since we are currently being held captive in our house by cicada killer wasps.  Have you ever seen these things?  Crazy big, and crazy scary.  The males are like the body guards for the female and her nest, and they run patrol along our flower bed and are ridiculously aggressive.  The males can't sting, but who really wants a wasp divebombing them while doing lawn work?  Not I!  And not hubby either, apparently.  He is out buying wasp spray as we speak.  I expect a hilarious display of spraying and running by him this afternoon.  All from the safety of my living room of course.  I'm no fool.

In other news, I received another blog award!  

The Cherry on Top Award from Jinnia at Thank so much Jinnia!  To receive I need to share 3 things about myself that I love.  This is harder than it sounds!  So here goes:

1.  I love that I'm home with my kids.  As much as I talk about the trials of being a stay at home mom, I know that working outside the home has it's hangups too.  

2.  I love that I'm married to the perfect guy for me.  He brings balance to my life and makes me laugh when I don't feel like it.

3.  I love that at 30-something I still look about 16.  This one is vain, I know!

And now I need to share a current favorite picture.  I snapped this one this morning of Princess #4 and her new favorite pasttime:

And now to pass this award on to 5 fellow blogs:  

Check out these wonderful gals and their blogs soon!

And FINALLY -  please don't forget to head over to Babble and vote for my lovely friend Melissa and her amazing bento blog - Another Lunch.  Sort the list alphabetically for the fastest way to find her and click on the thumbsup to "Like" her!  And DEFINITELY check out her blog.  Lunchtime at our house is tolerable again thanks to her!

That's all folks!  Have a fantastic holiday weekend!


  1. Congrats on your date night, Planet Pink. Those really are special. Also I've seen cicada killers before - they are green and crazy but I do appreciate that they kill cicadas because their buzzing drives me a little insane. Have a fun 4th of July weekend!

  2. You guys really are so super cute!! I want 3 kids if I'm able & I must say, if I look as great as you after 3 kids, I will be so proud of myself!!! I feel like I might end up looking like a frazzled mess! I need some tips!! (Although this is way in the future. We're on month 6 with baby no. 1. haha)

  3. awwww, YOu totally made my day and I got warm fuzzies when I saw that you mentioned us:). Today was a rough day at work, baby is sick and I just said, "Lord, I need to start my weekend," and he blessed me with your post! How did you know?? hehe Thanks:) I'll go bless some other folks now!

    *Very cute date night picture by the way:)

  4. YAY! i'm so happy to see a photo of you. now i have a face to the blog and to one of my new bloggy friends. (and a very pretty face at that!;) and congrats on the date night! we got to have a date night last night too... much needed and long overdue! we always say we want to do it every week, but somehow those weeks escape FAR TOO FAST. hoping to improve this area soon... anyway, hope you have a fab weekend! xx

  5. Good grief, girlfriend. You and hubs are just too cute.
    I haven't looked 16 since I was 13.

    It's a good thing you are the sweetest thing since Southern tea or I would have half a mind to not like you on principle. ;-)

  6. Oh, and congrats on winning another award!! You are on a roll! :)
    That one is so cute, I love the cupcakes!

  7. I am so happy you had a great date night! Isn't it so fun to go out and do stuff like that!!! Great picture too! I also gave you an award on my blog! Come check it out! Happy 4th of July!!! ~Kimberly

  8. TV - I think I might take my chances with the cicadas!! LOL

    Cameron - You're sweet, but I'm so laughing! Did you see where I said I actually got to put makeup on? That means that 95% of the time I'm sporting that frazzled mom look!

    Thanks to the rest of you for your kind words! Happy 4th!

  9. Your date night pic is the cutest! I'm so glad you had a great time!! Princess #4 is so adorable reading in her chair :) Congrats on your award, you deserve it!

  10. Hmmmm.
    I KNOW I posted a comment here before.

    Testing.... 1, 2, 3....

  11. You did. Sigh. Don't switch to Disqus just yet. LOL


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