Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is There A Sign On My Forehead?

Princess #2 in a what would have been a classic sinkhole moment, were we not in the safety of our own home.  Here I was clearly free to snap pictures rather than attempt to put an end to the madness.  Circa 2007.

Have you ever been caught in one of those less than stellar parenting moments?  C'mon, I know you have them, because no one is perfect all the time.  But have you been caught?   Where a spotlight is shining down on you from above, causing sweat to bead up on your forehead and under your arms?   And a giant neon flashing sign above your head screams:  LOOK HERE NOW!!!  PARENTING CATASTROPHE IN PROCESS!!  Meanwhile you want a hidden sinkhole to magically appear under your feet and suck you under into blissful, anonymous blackness?  Oh, you're reliving it now, aren't you?

Yep.  Been there, done that.

I had one such moment back when I felt compelled to address the punk kid that turned my perfectly fine evening into an ad for the Worst Parenting Awards took my paint order at Home Depot.

Why is it that you always run across people you know (and probably want to impress with your mad parenting skillz) in the most obscure locations and at the worst possible times?

Witching hour around here lasts from about 4pm-7pm.  That's a whole lot of cranky kid time.  I suppose if I wanted to play it safe I could hole up at home during those 3 hours every.single.day.  But then I'd need a padded room for myself, so I figure it's better to take my chances and risk running into someone I know rather than commit myself to insanity.  And cheaper, right?  How much do padded rooms cost anyway?

So here's the deal:  If you see me, and I've got that huge sign flashing above my head, please do one of the following:

1.  Duck your head and keep on walkin'.  I'll pretend I didn't see you.
2.  Tell me I'm rockin' this parenting gig and ask me for all my secrets.
3.  Point me in the direction of your own sinkhole:  Misery loves company.

My friends, have you had a sinkhole moment?  Do share.



  1. My baby is quite a handful and asserts her 6 month will very intensely already which is scary. She is driven, aggressive, loud, whiney, etc. lol. Every time we go to the store I have to go as FAST as my legs will carry me before she starts shrieking non stop. Oh the days of when I used to hate shopping before children...if only I knew then what I know now! haha

  2. I have those moments all.the.time, my friend. I love it when people say, "You have your hands full! I just don't know how you do it." Yeah. Neither do I, because sometimes I don't. Don't do it, I mean. I just melt down right along with the toddler.
    But, on a different note, because we all know how my brain works.... Can I buy that Oilily Peas dress from you when you're finished with it? :p

    Doh! Nevermind. Just read that the pic is circa 2007. The dress is probably long gone, huh? I don't know... I just think a toddler's tantrum is SO much cuter if she's wearing Oilily... Almost tolerable, really.

  3. Haha Becky! It's a 104 and has probably been owned by at least 3 people by now. How about I just give it to ya?


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