Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food Is Overrated Anyway

Cake?  No worries.  THAT we'll eat.

Tonight it took Princess #3 TWO HOURS to eat dinner.

No, not dinner.  That would almost be understandable.  But it wasn't a whole dinner.  Just the chicken.  Just 3 measly bites of chicken.


And this would be the point where my parents burst into side splitting laughter and point their fingers at me saying, "it's payback time!"

Yes, ok.  So it did take me a long time to eat when I was a kid.  I didn't inhale food.  So sue me.  I did have a tendency to chew roast until it resembled... well... something really, really gross and certainly not consumable.  There were nights my dad would encourage me to take a drink of water to try to get me to swallow the meat in my mouth, resulting not in an empty mouth but rather a mouthful of water and um, really, really, gross chewed up watery meat.

Hungry yet?

So I clearly understand that I had this coming to me.  It was bound to happen.  Just as I destined myself to have children crawling into my bed in the wee hours of the morning (yes, I did this too), I apparently predetermined that all my children would be terrible eaters.

Case in point:

Today Princess #4 ate for dinner a cereal bar (her third of the day), 6 goldfish crackers, and a bit of rice.  That's it.  Should I be worried now?

Sigh.  I know.  I turned out ok, so apparently eating like a very picky bird isn't extremely detrimental.

Can a child exist on cereal?  If so, we're golden.



  1. Visiting from Mama's Little Nestwork! :)
    I had to laugh at this post! I can completely relate to this. My son will eat daughter? Pickiest eater ever. Every meal is a battle!

  2. I sure hope they can survive on cereal. Just about the only thing that Sophie will eat lately is cheerios. I'm not sure if my cooking is really that bad or if she's just going through a picky phase.....

  3. When my girls were younger I had good luck with dipping sauces. Nothing fancy. Ketchup and ranch usually did the trick. And sometimes if I cut things up and put them on toothpicks so that they looked appealing it wold be enticing. They'll be fine to eat the same thing, even if it's cereal bars for a few months. My oldest went through a 6 month period when she was an infant where all she ate was yogurt, avacado and milk. Now she's a great eater! Hang in there!

  4. Ironically, we're all sitting in the living room after dinner except C, who is still at the table. She'll probably be there another hour if we let her. The weird thing is that she ISN'T a picky eater at all - she just takes forever to eat almost everything. So frustrating.

  5. Oh I hear ya, my oldest daughter ever since she was a toddler takes forever, I mean Forever to eat! I used to call her the pickiest eater in the world. HA!


  6. I think it might run in the family I had 2 out of 3 very picky eaters--one still is!!!

  7. I never like when my mom says the pay back line. Your little princesses are so cute! Can you make shakes and add some carrots and things? I wish you wewll with your picky eaters. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  8. funny that you should mention food woes with the kiddos as I just had this convo with my good friend last night. Her 3 year old is wearing her ragged with his picky eating habits and she has tried everything. I know my turn is coming in just a few short months. Why is it that they seem to like so many things in baby food jars but, as soon as you put food on their plate they get picky?? Good luck with that!


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