Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Kind Of 2

Today you turn 2.  
And today holds new meaning for me.

I've celebrated many second birthdays.
I've seen many babies morph into toddlers with the arrival of 2.

But this time is different.
This time is the last.

Never again will a number 2 grace the top of a cake.
For the first time ever there is not another bun in the oven, waiting to follow in footsteps.

It's an odd feeling, to be experiencing this rite of passage.
As you grow into a toddler, I too, am growing as a mother.

No longer in the phase of having babies,
I am now entering the phase of growing up babies.

Despite the pang of wistfulness I feel at knowing there will not be one to follow you,
it's a good place to be.

You are my forever baby.
The one we did not plan with our heads, but the one who found our hearts.

You are the best of us, the culmination of our family.
You complete us.

Happy birthday my baby.



  1. You are such a BEAUTIFUL writer and a beautiful mama.
    Your children are blessed to call you mom.

  2. Happy birthday to princess #4! I still remember so vividly the absolute SHOCK I felt when you found out you were pregnant with her. Seems like such a long time ago....

  3. What a sweet post! I'm going to be so sad when the day comes that we are done having babies. I'm sure it's very bittersweet.

  4. haha, and then you decided to follow in my footsteps. ;-)

  5. I'm starting to cry every time I visit your blog.

    Happy Birthday Princess #4!!!

  6. What an incredibly sweet birthday post to your daughter and what a beautiful little girl she is!!! Happy 2 years sweet princess!!

  7. Happy 2nd Birthday to your baby girl! She is beautiful!
    I loved this sweet post!

  8. This made me tear up. So sweet. Happy Birthday!


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