Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Push Bars and Minnie Mouse: Birthday Musings

School is cancelled for a 6th day in a row.


Snow, schmow.  Right?  Another foot?  Bring it on!

Moving on to more important matters, like...

Princess #4's SECOND birthday!!

It's coming up fast folks.  One week from today my baby will be TWO.  Doesn't hardly seem possible.  I'm officially out of the baby stage.


Don't ask me how I feel about that just yet.  I might dissolve into a puddle.  I'll save that for another sappy post at another sappy time.

In the meantime, let's discuss DETAILS!

Princess #4 loves Minnie Mouse.

Loooooooooooooooves her.

So of course we are having a Minnie Mouse party fit for a two year old.

I have this on it's way from oldnavy.com for her to wear:
Since Minnie is wearing pink and green we'll keep with that theme for the rest of the party.  I'm still thinking about decorations and food.  Probably should kick the thinking into high gear...

The real thing I'm mulling over is her present.  Two things I know:

1.  Since she's her own person, princess #4 deserves to have her own toys.  
2.  We have way.too.many.toys

So I'm thinking instead of buying a whole bunch more STUFF that will eventually end up lost or broken or worse yet - under my FEET, we're going to instead get her ONE big useful thing she'll love.  This sounds like a very responsible and practical thing to do, and I'll let you think that.  But the reality is that we do this to keep the crap in our house down to a minimum and to make life easier on us.

Just keepin' it real.

So, in the name of practicality, we're shopping for a tricycle.

We do have a tricycle already.  A cute lil red radio flyer.  It's adorable.  We've had it since Princess #2 turned one.  And none of our girls have been able to ride it.

Once they're the right size to fit on it (meaning about age 2), they are still too little to pedal.  Or steer.  Or do both simultaneously.  This means that in order for it to go anywhere, mom or dad has to lean over (WAY over since it's about 2 feet off the ground) and push it.

Not my idea of fun.  Especially when I'm trying to keep track of 3 other princesses careening down the sidewalk on their training wheels.

Enter the most ingenious invention to ever be thought up:  The parent steering push bar.

Um hello?  How brilliant is this?  I'm absolutely giddy at the thought of not only being able to push Princess #4 down the street behind her careening sisters on bikes, but also STEER her as well.  Geez, it might as well be my birthday I'm so excited!  Add to this the handy little 3 point harness available from Kettler and what we've got on our hands is a stroller in disguise.  Perfect for my little copycat who insists on doing everything like her sisters.

I can't wait for it to get here.  It may be months before we can actually SEE the sidewalk for her to ride it, but we'll be ready!



  1. Hey, we have this tricycle and we absolutely love it!!! Morgan is 3 1/2 and still likes to be pushed around on it. We liked how she could choose to pedal or just sit there and then the pedals wouldn't move. That way her legs didn't get tired. Someday we may even take the parent bar off...

  2. Tricycles are great! And happy early b-day to P#4. KLV's b-day was just 7 days ago. Crazy how quickly she's grown. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today - your last sentence made me smile...and I really needed a smile today. Thanks!

  3. Brilliant! My youngest is turning 2 this month also, and you just gave me the best gift idea for her! Thanks. :-)


  4. She is going to love that! I wish I found that when we bought our tricycle. And of course, Chloe uses it thanks to the hand me down from Aiyana. It is always more difficult to by the younger siblings when the house is already filled with toys they can play with.

    Love the theme and the colors will be adorable!

  5. That is EXACTLY what we need. My youngest of four is 19 months, and wants to be JUST LIKE everyone else. Getting her into her stroller is a nightmare. And her carseat, but there isn't anything we can do about that.
    Six days? That's insane. What kind of make-up will you have to do at the end of the school year?

  6. I bet she's going to love that!!!

  7. glad to hear the great review!

  8. We bought one of this for Robi - he loves it!! When we go somewhere he sits all nice and straight and looks sooooo cool....and then when we take him off he cries and cries. :) And I love it that later it will invert into a tricycle - so we'll get tons of use out of it.


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