Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Know What Comes Before The Fall

I was so proud of myself.  With the snow keeping us out of school for the last two weeks, the princesses' Valentine's parties were rescheduled to this week.  I hit Target on the 13th, and managed to remember to pick up Valentine's for their classmates, knowing that once the 14th came, those Valentine's would be long replaced by 4 leaf clovers and Easter eggs.

Last night after a full day of child wrangling, dish washing and clothes folding, I drug my tired body off to bed just after midnight.  Only to drag my tired body back out of bed 30 minutes later when I realized that Princess #3 was to have her party today.  And I hadn't even opened the boxes of Valentine's yet.

30 minutes later (now 1am) I taped the last heart shaped lollipop to the paper card and crawled back into bed for a few precious hours of sleep.

Princess #3 was thrilled this morning at the pile of lollipop adorned cards.  She proudly carried the bag out to our van as we loaded up for school.

And on the way I was feeling pretty smug.  I sometimes feel quite inferior to the Super Moms who go above and beyond with their homemade cards and confections  and given my track record, I was just happy that I remembered and got Princess #3 all set up for her party.

....Until I pulled up to the school.  As the cars in front of us unloaded, I saw a child after child wearing what suspiciously looked like pajamas.

I glanced over at my 3 year old, decked out in her heart adorned tshirt, jean skirt and pink bow in her hair, carefully chosen in honor of the Valentine's Day party.  She looked at me with wide eyes and my heart sank.  Apparently I missed the memo.

I hate when I do that.



  1. there is NOTHING worse than the disappointment in your child's face. I saw it yesterday: Cohen's cousin has 3 monster truck happy meal toys, and Cohen asked if he could get one. Not *normally* being the happy meal type, we gave in and went to McDonalds and ordered a Chicken nugget happy meal. Specifically asked for a MONSTER TRUCK happy meal. Handed the happy meal box to Cohen and asked "is there a monster truck in it?" (not realizing that the happy meal box is not easily opened by a 3 year old who is unfamiliar with them) "Uh huh!". Good! We got home, opened the box, he reached in and pulled out... a plush toy. I'm not even sure what it was, because my heart was immediately broken by the look on his face. I never want to see that look again! We both broke down into tears, and daddy had to rescue us. Not a good night!!

  2. Oh no! I swear, it's practically impossible to remember all the dates for special events at school!

  3. OH boo, that is a bummer!! You have 4 kiddos to keep track of and thus 4 schedules to think about. That is a LOT!! I bet your little gal was the cutest one in the class even if she wasn't in jammies;0.

  4. *snort* I'm sorry, but that was funny. :)

  5. You know what's bad is that #3 was actually still dressed in her pj's until about 5 minutes before we left. And I was joking with her about how she couldn't wear her pj's because it wasn't pajama day. Doh!

  6. Oh no! I was also a last minuter. Except my daughter decided this year she wanted to make her own Valentines. We went to a huge Flea Market on Sunday and came home exhausted. Thankfully my mom reminded me about Valentine's Day because we had to still finish the Valentine's and make cookies. I am far from the super mom category.


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