Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Buff College Dude:

Yes, I noticed your physical prowess.

(I'm not blind)

But that was unfortunately overshadowed by your clear obliviousness to your surroundings.

I'm not sure how you missed that I had a full shopping cart.

Afterall, you stood right behind it in line.

I would expect any normal person to notice that my cart was extremely full (bonus points if they notice all the good healthy produce and natural, organic food choices - I like to think that's impressive, throw me a bone, ok?).

And like most people with full shopping carts, it does take a bit of time to unload said cart.

Judging from your casual demeanor and intent on flirting with the girl in line behind you, I'm assuming you had no where pressing to be.

So I have to say I was a bit startled when you plopped the conveyor belt divider thingy (what's the official term?) on the belt and started loading up your stuff - even though I wasn't half through emptying my own cart onto the belt.

Do you know how those grocery store conveyor belts work?  They move forward.  As they move forward you get less space up front, and more space in the back.

So while you had plenty of space to put your stuff, I was quickly running out of room.

Did you even notice that I had to start just handing my food directly to the cashier, bypassing the conveyor altogether, thanks to YOUR food taking up the whole belt?

No, probably not.  The girl behind you was cute.

So here's the thing:  If you paid half as much attention to what's going on around you as you do your biceps, the tired, weary, put-grocery-shopping-off-until-the-kids-are-in-bed mamas of the world would thank you.

And just be glad I wasn't in the mood for confrontation.



  1. I might have started taking his stuff off and putting it in the cart...

  2. Although that situation was quite frustrating, I have to say your way with portraying it here is quite hilarious! And yes, I agree: "If you paid half as much attention to what's going on around you as you do your biceps..." If only....

    Some people need a good ol fashion reality check!

  3. How rude!

    I'll admit when I first started reading, I thought, "Of course he noticed nothing in your cart!" I assumed (obviously VERY incorrectly) that this post was going to talk about how he should have helped unload or something else. I was considering disagreeing.

    My mind couldn't even grasp the concept that someone would be as rude as he was. Oh, how I wish you had the energy to say something or SHOVE his protein shake mixes and energy bars back. I would have snickered and virtual high-fived you for sure. You acted with far more grace, which deserves a double virtual high-five!

    His mother would be mortified.

  4. So did you tell him off?? hehe just kidding but, seriously, I would have had to say something even though it would make me all nervous and cotton mouthed like, "uh, I'm sorry but, I'm actually not done unloading my cart yet MR. BICEPS." I'm sorry, that was very rude of him. Truly, he needs a talkin to.

  5. I just found your blog through the papermama...have spent way too much time reading through it:) your housewife/trump post made me laugh...cuz here I am with dishes in the sink reading your blog like a good old mama novel:)...Love it. Love the way you write. and your family is really beautiful:)

    Look forward to more...

    Oh, and buff college boy sounds real annoying. Did you consider just chucking the divider across the store?:)

    xo, krista

  6. Aw, thank you! I'm thinking I'm totally fired right now judging by the state of my house!

  7. what a punk! where's HIS mama to teach him some manners?!!?!

  8. What an idiot! I would have pushed the divider as far back as it would go!

  9. Maybe you should have chucked it at his head. I think I might have


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