Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dreams of Grandeur

Princess #2:  (twirling around the room)  Mommy, guess what I want to be when I grow up!

Me:  Um, a ballerina?

Princess #2:  Yep!

Princess #3:  (jumping up and down)  Mommy, guess what I want to be when I grow up!

Me:  Hmm.... a gymnast?

Princess #3:  Nope!

Me:  Well, what do you want to be?

Princess #3:  A MOMMY!

Me:  Aw, well that's a nice thing to want to be.  Why do you want to be a mommy?

Princess #3:  Because I wanna do what I wanna do!

Ah well, a girl can dream.  



  1. yeah, I wanna do what I wanna do too! When can I start?!

  2. hahahah that is too funny!! Gotta love the things that come out of kids mouths. I think I still remember when I thought being a mommy was all about holding a doll all day and nothing else! haha. Darling picture by the way!

  3. i think she meant to say she wanted to be a daddy...haha...;)

  4. Again. The girl. cracks. me. UP!
    does the punctuation emphasize, or is it just annoying.
    Andrea's comment cracked. me. UP! :D
    dork, I know!


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