Wednesday, May 25, 2011

God Have Mercy

In a small bedroom community of Oklahoma City, a family is living out my worst nightmare.

On Tuesday evening, just 10 miles northwest of my parent's home, 3 small children were ripped from their mother's arms as she tried to shield them from the nearly mile wide wedge tornado that was plowing through their beautiful home.

The mother Catherine, pregnant with her 4th child, 5 year old daughter Kathleen and 15 month old son Cole were rescued and rushed to the hospital, critically injured.   In unspeakable tragedy, Cole later passed away from his injuries.

What is left of the Hamil home (Photo credit)
But if that devastation weren't enough, another son, 3 year old Ryan, was no where to be found.

He is still missing, over 24 hours later.

The father, Hank, who was out of town at the time the tornado hit, is joined by family, community and search and rescue teams, desperately seeking for the little boy.

Please pray.  Pray for a miracle beyond human comprehension for this sweet little boy.  Pray for peace as this family copes with grief beyond my imagination.  Pray for strength and encouragement for the rescue workers who are out there searching right now.  Pray for God to have mercy on this situation and reunite this family soon.

You can get more up to date information on the search efforts and offer your prayers on Facebook at Prayers for the Hamil Family - Find Ryan.

and hug your little ones a little tighter tonight.



  1. It is "a worst nightmare"!! How can "mother" nature do this? We are all praying for this family!

  2. I will certainly pray.  It is good when these stories come to my attention as I don't watch much news so was unaware of the extent of the devastation.  This poor family my heart is just broken for them right now.  Jesus have mercy on this family and cover them with your comfort in this horrible time of loss.  Praying for Ryan.

  3. How horrible! I don't watch the news that often, because of anxiety but I have seen some of the footage and it is just blows my mind. Will definitely be keeping that family in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh no! I just read that they found his body. My heart is just breaking for that family:(

  5. Devastating... My heart breaks for this family. I cannot even begin to imagine that mother's horror at what she had to experience.


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