Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's SUMMER!!!!!

My title belies the sheer horror I feel.


24 hours a day.

7 days a week.

for 13 looooooooooong weeks.

I need HELP!

All you super mamas out there help a girl out ok?  I need ideas!  Cheap ideas.  Things to keep the kiddos busy.  I've got the standard wading pool in the backyard.  Of course there's always a movie or two.  But what else?  I need a plan, a specific day by day lay out of what we're going to do.

Or mama's gonna go CRAZY.

Anyone run across some great blogs about this?  I seriously need it all spelled out for me.  Craft projects, reading projects, outdoor projects.

Anything to keep me from hearing, "I'm boooooooored" for the thousandth time.

Please, please, please, please!




  1. Do you have a slip n' slide? That is always a huge hit around here, and you can get them pretty cheap - just look for sales in the Target/Walmart/Kmart circulars.  What about fuse beads?  (perler beads... whatever you call them). The little kids couldn't do it, but my big kids love them, and they really keep them occupied for a long time.

  2. This doesn't take up a ton of time, but me & my friend Diana love taking our girls to the pet store!! We find it can take up quite a bit of time while our girls run around & look at all the animals! And it's free!!

  3. I REALLY like the small please at the end. It sold me. ;P
    since i'm looking up info on curriculum for homeschooling I've come across some suggestions. These can be simple but hopefully fun and free-ish.
    some you might only be able to do once because the newness might wear off. Like laying in grass and finding shapes in the clouds or at nighttime with the stars, or going on a walk through your neighborhood and finding things of a certain color or "i want you to find three different leaves" sticks, rocks etc
    not sure how this will go over with your house of girls but finding bugs/worms etc and looking at them with a magnifying glass
    and I would suggest homeschoolers sites/blogs for ideas. 
    or get a metronome and clapping like every 3rd beat at 120 you have to say something that starts with B or the name of a fruit etc. the metronome we used when I worked at learningrx and it might be very difficult in the beginning but it actually works their brain more with processing speed and attention skills. 
    have them make cards for J or g-parents just to say i love you.
    I realize this might not work for B but I read about having a family reading time where everyone sits down and reads for 30 mins or something and then talk about the book OR you can have one book as a family you read one chapter out loud and then discuss. what was your favourite part what do you think the main character will do next etc.
    with chalk draw a hotscotch patter and let them at it
    Hmmm maybe I should do a post on this ;)
    hope this helped some.

  4. Thank you! Great ideas!

  5. love the Planet Pink...this is too cute!

  6. I've been thinking on this same thing. I'm going to look into purchasing this ebook. Wanted to share it with you also:

  7. I know we're going to be taking lots of trips to the park and to the library.  Hiking on an easy trail is one of our favorite things to do.  The kids can easily walk 2 miles, and it keeps them busy (and tires them out-a definite perk)!
    I have the pool, slip 'n slide, sandbox, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and other outdoor toys ready to go, but I know they're still going to get bored!

  8. You could designate each day of the week a "category" i.e. Monday is craft day in am, Park day in pm.  Tuesday is library day, journal or reading project in pm, Wednesday is meet up with friends day, or Outing day, etc.  Once you have the "skeleton" of an entire week, it will be easier to plan the activities.

    Other categories...

    Baking or cooking
    Outdoor activity
    School review (math facts, writing, etc)
    One day road trip
    Kids choice
    Food adventure (ethnic restaurant or grocery, picnic, kids plan dinner, kids pick one usual thing to try in the produce section)

    Good luck!



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