Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Stuff Ahead

I am super excited for two reasons:

1.  I feel my blogging mojo coming back.  I KNOW this has you doing the happy dance.  Right?  I've got all sorts of goodness floating around in my head.  It's about to make it's way to paper and onto your computer screen soon.  I know, it's almost more than you can stand.  You may need to sit down to recover. It's OK.  No one's looking.

2.  Along the lines of #1, my gal pal Jess over at Peanut and Pistachio (if you aren't reading her blog, you should.  Go do it.  Now.) are cooking up something fun.  It's going to involve you, Pinterest and mad creativity.  So get ready to flex your crafty muscles!  It's all coming soon.  Very very soon!

So that's all.  I'm going back to trying to not melt.  Did you know it's like a bazillion degrees outside?  I think I may love my air conditioner right now.  It better stay on my good side.

So until next time, stay cool!



  1. oh my I just love that picture!! Hehehe.  I am glad to hear that you are back and are feeling pumped!! I always love your posts momma...though I don't blog hop much anymore but, I soooo miss it!! Yes, it is ridiculously hot here too!

  2. Cute pic! You all must have been celebrating National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!!!


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