Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So tonight I was perusing Facebook harmlessly (I know, NOT Pinterest!  Aren't you shocked?), just minding my own business, when I ran across a post from a college friend of mine that stopped me in my tracks.

Did you know it's been 15 years since I first set foot on my college campus as a Freshman, ready to take on the world?

(No, of course you didn't.  The point is, I didn't either)



That makes me, like, old.

So, uh, when did this happen exactly?  And furthermore, are the next 15 years going to go by as quickly?

Because in another 15 years I will have an almost TWENTY-FOUR year old (omg!), a 21 year old, a 19 year old and probably only my baby at home with me, a mere 17 years old (sniff).

I seriously need to stop time.

Like, for reals.

(I keep thinking that if I talk like I did when I was in high school, then maybe somehow how I'm not as old.  Is it working?)

Friends, anyone been slapped in the face with reality lately?  I'm realizing my days of needing wrinkle cream are not that far off.  Maybe they've even already arrived and I'm late to the party.  Yikes!  By the way, I totally wanted to find a picture of myself in college, but they're all up in the attic (this was pre digital people.  Yes, I know.  That old.), and it's like, a thousand degrees up there.  Plus we don't have a scanner.  So there ya go.

OH!  I did just get a cute new haircut (chopped off TEN inches!!) and color.  

Maybe saying "like" all the time won't sound completely ridiculous now?  I'm bringing it back people!

(wow, this was (like) the longest PS/footnote thingy EVER)



  1.  i thought the picture WAS you in college:)!!  you are super pretty-- love the new hair colors!  and i totally know what you mean!  in fifteen years i'll have a 23yr old and a 21 year old!! what the heck!!?!!  and i've noticed lately that my forehead has LIKE terrible wrinkles.  My forehead!! Not even my eyes or my neck...it's such a weird place...ugh.  anyways...it is at least good to know that other women my age are thinking those same thoughts...kids growing up, wrinkles, and even reverting back to talking like a kid to hold on a little longer:)  i'll totally rock the word LIKE if you can help me bring back SIKE:) 

    have a good day lovely girl...

    krista   www.saturatedcanary.blogspot.com

  2. I don't mind for reals but please for the love of everything that is Holy, and good, and right, and lovely do NOT bring back like. I can't stand it.
    Even when I use it, it makes me break out in hives.
    Love the hair. 
    p.s. I don't think you need wrinkle cream...yet. 
    But, your birthday is coming up super soon, so things might go downhill very shortly. ;D

  3. Tell me about it.  I've got a number 11 threatening to take up permanent residence between my eyes.  Grrrr...

    Hubs totally says sike-a-dilly all the time.  So I'm completely down with bringing that back.  Although, maybe just the sike part.  The a-dilly probably just confirms our nerdness and should be avoided at all costs.  ;-)

  4. Slapped by reality - YES! It has been 30 years since I first hit campus! It seems like just yesterday. I will promise you one thing - the next 15 years of your life will go by MUCH FASTER than you can imagine! Hold on!!!

  5. Love the hair, really cute. As far as the reality check, yeah happens more and more each day for me. I think this year has been especially hard since I hit the big 40 and have all my babies in school.


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