Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ugh, I Know

Here I am, not posting all summer long.

Then I come on with all these promises of goodness and cleverness and, um, frequency.

I pitch the awesome Inspired Reality idea (have you read about it yet?  No?  Go ahead, click the link, read all about it.  Then go to Pinterest and decide what you're going to try to turn into reality and blog about it.  But finish reading this post first, because once you go to Pinterest you'll forget to come back.).

And then I disappear again.

Life sure isn't convenient for a blogger (gosh darn those kids wanting to be fed and all).

So here I am, carving out a bit of time.  I do want you to note the time I found to carve is of the late night variety.  See, I'm making an effort.  I should be in bed.

But I'm not in bed yet, mainly, because I want to tell you that my awesome friend Jess is featuring me today on her uber cool blog Peanut and Pistachio in a post about stay at home mommies.

She asked me all sorts of serious questions and I had to give her these wise answers.  I know, you can laugh now.

ANYWAY, you should go check it out because this is about as close to famous as I'll get.  And you'll also get to learn some cool facts about me.  Like... what do I always keep in my freezer?

You know you want to find out.

PS.  I was totally going to post a pic of Jess and me, but the only one I had was a very unflattering one of us on a hot and sweaty July 4th.  I need to do better about getting pics of me and my friends!  Anyway, you're off the hook this time Jess!


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  1. Phew!!! Let's wait until I've lost the baby weight. Oh, that could take forever. Okay, next time we're together, photoshoot! *snort*


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