Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your First

It's moments etched in my mind. 

Your first cry.

 Your first step.

Your first night in a big girl bed.

Your first bike ride.

Your first ballet class.

Your first day at school.

Your first lost tooth.

Your first sleepover.

Your first piano recital.

 Your glimpse of the world through nine year old eyes.

Happy Birthday my love.



  1. how crazy is it now that she's 9? crazy, crazy, crazy...Happy BIRTHDAY #1!!

  2. Happy birthday to your princess!! I can't believe you have a nine year old you young, hot momma!! hehe.  I am already in awe that my gal is 1.5 years old! lol.  I have been meaning to thank you for the pinterest invite!! I had been trying to get started for ages and once I finish my wedding editing I can't wait to dig in more!! Thanks friend and hope to get back to blog visiting again soon too!! Hope it's going well with the girls back in school!

  3. Aww, so sweet! I hope she had a fantastic birthday.

  4. I love the room! Where did you purchase your daugher's white comforters with the multi color polka dots?


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