Thursday, January 12, 2012

On Things Which Make Me Smile (Or Give Me A Panic Attack)

I'm sorry I've been so hit and miss lately.

The weather around here has been ridiculous.  Like, as in this leap year we just leapt straight from December to April.  It's been GORGEOUS.  Freaking gorgeous.

So it's been impossible to hole up in the house with the sun shining in through the open windows.  We've been out bike riding, playing at the park, etc.


I still can't get over it.

Old man winter tried to pull a fast one on us last night, but the measly dusting was no match for our 70 degree warmed earth.  Snow just the way I like it.  Melted.


So this little gal right here, she's going to be three in a month.  Three!

Where the heck did the time go?  You know that saying, "the years are short but the days are long"?  Oh yeah, that's been us the last 3 years.  She is something else, my baby.  I'm happy to say that although she's a handful, I've gotten a pretty good grasp on how to deal with her.  At least for now.  Until she changes the rules.  Again.

With all the gorgeous weather and a birthday coming fast upon us, I'm in super organization/clean up mode.  I want to just throw everything out and start over.  That's my idea of organization.  Unfortunately, hubs might not appreciate me tossing out perfectly good apparel and/or books he's had since college, so I've got to find a way to reign it all in.  I can't even go to organization blogs because the perfectness of them gives me a panic attack.  It doesn't seem right to have to go out and BUY stuff to put my already-taking-up-too-much-room STUFF in.  I look at the photos of neatly organized pantries with their whole, organic grains and snacks in gleaming matching containers color coded with adorable homemade tags.  Hyperventilation city.  Right now I'm just happy I can close the door.

Pinterest has ruined me on ever thinking I might have obtained perfection in ANY area of my life.


I do, however, have one particular room that I am pretty darn proud of.  It's been a work in progress for about 6 months and I finally, FINALLY got pictures of it.  That's right - if you'll remember - The Great Room Switch, aka The Week That Might Have Killed Me (Or At Least Made Me Never Want To See A Paintbrush Again).

Last June, hubs took a week off work and we worked our rear ends off painting, rearranging, painting, organizing and painting some more in order to move all 4 princesses into the master bedroom.  It was a labor of love to be sure.  But I am so pleased with the results.  I don't know if it's Pinterest worthy, but for the amount of time, money and patience we had, it's definitely brag worthy.  I'd show ya the pics now, but um, I want you to come back.  So I'm shamelessly holding on to them for another day.

So mean, right?

Ok.  I'm off.  I've got exactly 45 minutes before all hell breaks loose the 4pm - 8pm madness ensues.  Just enough time to fold some clothes and empty the dishwasher.  Or catch up on one episode of Gossip Girl.  Your choice.

Talk soon my friends!



  1. I love your bribe technique:) You peaked my interest!  hehehe.  Almost 3?? And mine is almost 2!! It just goes WAY to fast doesn't it!!  And pinterest really is overwhelming at times.  So much talent and everyone is good at so much.  lol.  I sure do love pinning things...all the time:)

  2. I can't wait to see pics! I'm trying to get in the organizing mood, but with the holidays and two birthdays it's been tough just finding time to do anything.

  3. If I think about the fact that #4 is almost 3, then #3 is almost 5!!! Then mine is almost 1!! and the other almost 4!!!! Where in the world did these years go?
    I know I've seen the rooms but I can't wait to see the pics you put up here. Very glad that it's finally finished.


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