Monday, January 30, 2012

What Would You Do?

At 8:45 pm on a Saturday evening, while putting away laundry, you hear some scuffling and voices outside.  You peek out your bedroom window (because hubs is working and you are a chicken) and you see 3 boys around the age of 10 dragging a huge box that probably was once home to a washing machine down the street.

15 minutes later, now 9:00 pm, you are just settling down on the couch to watch a little mindless TV when you hear some movement and whispers outside your front door.

Suddenly your doorbell rings.  Your dog starts freaking out.  You want to start freaking out.  You're a half scared, half pissed off because your kids have been asleep for an hour and now your dog won't shut up and some idiot has rung your doorbell at 9pm.

You look out the peep hole and what should you see but a huge box that probably was once home to a washing machine sitting on your front porch and it is suspiciously wiggly.

Do you:

A) Open the door as Cool Mom, knowing it's just 10 year old boys playing a prank.

B) Open the door as Mama Bear, knowing it's 9pm and 10 year old boys are playing a prank.

C) Ignore the box and go back to watching mindless TV, knowing it's 10 year old boys playing a prank.

I may or may not have gone for option B.  Ahem.

My dear friends, I've been feeling guilty all weekend for not being the "Cool Mom", but seriously?  9pm?  Not cool.  Anyway, would you do me a huge favor while you're here?  If you wouldn't mind popping over to Facebook by using that cute little Facebook button on the sidebar and "liking" my page, I would love ya to pieces.  If you're not aware, Google Friend Connect is disappearing for anyone not on Blogger very soon.  I use Blogger, but if you don't I'd hate to lose you!!  Facebook and Subscribing are great ways to not lose touch!  Thanks much!  Smooches!



  1. I probably would have gone with option B. Why are kids that age out that late on a school night anyway?

  2. Yup, I would've gone for option B. When children are sleeping I have no patience...for any type of noise or disturbances! And I'm sooo guilty of not being cool mom lately! You are not alone my friend! xoxo

  3. Britt @ The Magnolia PairJanuary 30, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    Ignore the box! I've seen way too many Criminal Minds and law and order episodes LOL !


  4. haha!  I think it was the grace of God that let me see those kids outside my window only minutes earlier.  Otherwise I would have been freaked out of my mind!  I'm a big scaredy cat.

  5. Mamma Bear for sure!! Those boys need to be home. They will be or could be the ones in Juvy at age 15!!!
    BUT.......they must like someone in your house and that is kinda special!

  6. It's so funny because I guess I don't really know myself that well because I have no idea how I would respond to that unless it happened to me.  I do know that I would be mad.  Our kiddo goes to bed by 8 and if anyone rings our door bell after that (Especially since I have a please don't ring teh bell sign on the bell) I would be TICKED off to say the least.  So I'm betting mama bear is the most accurate for me:). hahaha. 


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