Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Your Patience Has Paid Off

If you're new to following The Planet Pink, then you are lucky.  Because the poor souls that have been reading my blog for awhile have been kept waiting 7 long months for this day.  Now I'm not so bold as to think it's been on their minds every day for the last 7 months, but then again I am pretty awesome, so what do I know?

OK, so without further ado, here are the much anticipated AFTER pictures of our Great Room Switch 2011.  We decided to switch rooms with our princesses, and here is the result (bear with me, there are scads of photos):

(oh.  And also.  I am not a photographer.  So if the pics are over exposed, blurry, blinding, or any other sort of wrong, you have my apologies.  One of these days I should learn how to use my camera.  But it seems like that's what everyone's doing.  I want to be different.  So bad pics it is.  Haha.)

I love this quote and it seemed so appropriate for a "book wall".  The decal was purchased from and was super easy to apply.
If there ever was a question of whether or not Pinterest is worth the time,  this wall should put that doubt to rest.  This wall makes me want to cry every time I walk by I love it so much.  Seriously.  Is that weird?  These are the famed IKEA spice racks.  $3.99 each.  We bought and painted 13.  The nine you see here and 4 that we have on the wall by the girls' bunk beds.


Where the sleeping happens.  Or the giggling.  I use that term sleeping loosely.  If you remember the before pictures, these bunk beds were white.  I knew I wanted them to be a fun color, but wow was painting them a pain!  I never want to paint furniture again.  Princess #3 and Princess #4 sleep on those mattresses under the bunk.  We just pull them out at night.  It's not a long term solution, but at least for the short term everyone has a place to sleep and we didn't have to spend any money, since we already had the bunks and the mattresses.

The lone bare wall.  What to do?  What to do?

Just had to look at the book wall again.  Hobby Lobby was my go to place for finding decorations on the cheap.  I love that they run 50% off sales constantly.

This dresser is so yummy in this color and I adore the lanterns - again, Hobby Lobby 50% off.

I'm telling you, I love it.

Don't ask how long it took for us to hang these suckers.

Another Pinterest win: the built-ins with the color.  I should just say, this room brought to you by Pinterest.

So there you have it.  In the end I am super pleased.  I have not yet regretted moving into the smaller bedroom so that our girls can have room to play.  And surprisingly, having all 4 in one room hasn't been a nightmare (yet).  I know that we won't be able to have the girls in one room forever, but for right now it works.  

I'm happy that instead of being dissatisfied with the size of our house and foolishly rushing out to buy a bigger one, we're being good stewards and maximizing the space we do have.  In doing this switch we essentially added an extra room, which now has become our office. We were able to do the switch on the cheap, and have come out ahead in space.  I'd say that's a win!



  1. It looks AMAZING! I love how you painted the furniture! It definitely gave me some ideas for our children's bedrooms : )

  2. That book wall is awesome! I love the idea!

  3. Pinterest is ALWAYS worth the waste of time spent on there!!! This room is beautiful, so so cute for sisters! 

  4. I would never leave that room! It is awesome!!!! 

  5. I LOVE The bookshelves!!!! And I am going to IKEA next week to get some :-)

  6. Great! I will warn you, you will need something more heavy duty than just nails to hold these up. Books weigh much more than spices. :-). We used the metal butterfly anchors to hold them.

  7. Oh my word!  LOVE!!!!  I totally have some great ideas now for the boys' room!  

  8. So cute! I love the book walls, I just wish I had the wall space in my girls room to do something like that. They have so much junk everywhere though, there's no room. I don't even want to think about what a pain those bunks must have been. I hate painting and painting furniture just looks like pure torture to me. I bet the girls just love their new room!


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