Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Fever - literally

Sorry, I haven't been in the blogging mood lately.  The princesses are sick.... again.  I'm so over it.  Bring on Summer and no more germy bugs!

Spring fever has definitely hit (no pun intended) and we are making plans to get. stuff. done.  We've been in our home for 9 months now and so far have only painted one room.  I really loathe painting simply because of the time involved in the set up (taping) and clean up.  The actual act of painting itself is rather gratifying.  I painted the nursery basically by myself, including a horizontal stripe around the middle.  I'm pretty darn proud of that room.  I slaved away at meticulously measuring the stripe and marking and taping it.  Painted it a shade of pink only slightly darker than the pink that graced the rest of the walls.  It only took me a week - HA!  (hey, I was limited to nap time and after bedtime, I'm lucky I got it done as fast as I did!)  The painting projects next on our list should be quite as time consuming as Princess #3 will be the ONLY person in this home getting a stripe.  I got over that real fast.  lol

Our other project involves landscaping, which should be interesting since we know nothing about it.  When we bought our home it had the builder-generic landscaping out front:  small flower bed with 3 random bushes and lava rocks for added beauty (see me rolling my eyes here?).  I've spent the last 2 gorgeous days outside removing rocks from the beds.  And scattering numerous spiders and other bugs in the process.  Ick.  What exactly do we pay our pest control for?  I'm thinking I'm going to ask for gardening tools for Mother's Day.  My poor nails have seen better days.  I'll keep you updated on this progress.  Once we get the rocks out we'll be adding mulch but beyond that I'm pretty clueless.

Monday, March 3, 2008

So Help Me...

Can the potty training fairy come visit my house and teach my 3 year old to TELL ME when she needs to go?  I would be forever grateful.... because if I have to change a pair of wet panties and clean up another spot on my floor or sofa one more time I might just pull all my hair out.
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