Friday, November 28, 2008

The Hostess

Well, I've survived Thanksgiving.  I've decided that I am not a good hostess.  I make a MUCH better guest.  I enjoy having people in my home and would probably enjoy it more if my home were bigger and had more space for people to spread out.  But that's not an option at the moment, so this year I was faced with the inevitable: hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our tight quarters.  Even though Planet Pink is always bustling with activity, I'm typically able to mostly stay on top of it.  But add 3 extra adults and another bouncing pink baby and well, you've got Your Majesty running in circles.  

I've washed more dishes in the last 24 hours than I probably did the entire week prior.  I wouldn't be sad if I never had to peel another potato again.  Ever.  I fought to keep the Princesses on some sort of a routine.  The laundry piled up so high that today (the day after) I have literally done 5 loads of it and probably have another 5 to go.  

Certainly this aftermath can take the joy out of any holiday celebration.  It's sorta hard to feel thankful for much of anything when you're vacuuming, washing, sweeping, washing, etc. etc. etc.  But then those Princesses bring it all back around.   Princess #1 asks me to tell her Daddy how thankful she is that he works so hard for us, when he gets home from working Black Friday.  Princess #2 tells me in her sweet voice that she wants to be my friend forever because she loves me so much.  And Princess #3 comes running so willing to just plant one on me at any given second.  And that somehow makes it all worth it.  The mind-numbing exhaustion, the clutter, the pruny dishwater hands.  I'd do it all again in a heart beat.  And I do, every day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Did ya miss me?  Time flies when you're having fun, huh?

My sincerest apologies for dropping my pee-on-a-stick bomb and then dropping the blog altogether.  I kinda lost my mo-jo.  But I'm feeling the inspiration again, so I thought I'd dust off the writing side of my brain and start exercising it again.

So, let me kick off my return with this little interchange I had with Princess #2 this morning:  I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom, drying my hair, when Princess #2 came running in with a very concerned look on her face.  I stopped the hair dryer and asked her what the problem was.  VERY seriously she asked me if we had a "converner box".  Appropriately confused by this question, I asked her to repeat herself.  She asked again, very slowly and enunciating every syllable as though I were a small child, if we had a "converner box".  Still not understanding I asked her why she wanted to know?  And she replied that it was very important that we have a "converner box" or our TV was not going to work anymore.  

Ah, thank you PBS for making sure my children are properly prepared for the digital transition that is to take place this February.  
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