Friday, May 28, 2010

Christmas in... May...

At my suggestion, my mother in law bought this for the princesses a couple of years ago. Cute, isn't it?

Yeah, like, a hundred microscopic pieces cute. Having (at the time) a pre-walking baby with a crumb and microscopic toy radar working in overdrive, this little collection of holiday cheer was packed away and forgotten about.... until today.

Princess #3 discovered it on the floor in hubby's closet. Why was it there? I'll never know. Maybe he's been spending his evenings recreating the holy moment? Hmmm...

Anyway, she begged to play with it and I agreed and my feet have been regretting it the rest of the day. Do these little suckers JUMP off the tables or something? It's like they beg to get in the way of my toes. Seriously.

But I had to laugh when I brought the princesses their dinner (on TV trays in the living room - movie night). A very elaborate story was taking place, complete with a baby (portrayed by Jesus, of course), a gray haired grandpa (most likely covered by a shepherd? He had a staff...) and a boy who had no name (I believe this was Joseph although it was hard to tell. These little dudes all look alike). There was at one point a flying fairy (the angel) and magical animals that talked. I *think* the baby was searching for a teddy bear, which is humorous considering that I missed the part of the nativity where a teddy bear was involved.

Oh look, there IS a teddy bear in the nativity. Learn something new every day.


  1. LOL. Have fun with that. I'm so happy to have avoided Playmobile. :P

  2. Love it! I adore Playmobile toys, but yes, have mercy, they do come with lots of teeny tiny accessories.

    I just finished fishing all the Little People Mayflower pieces out of my youngest's bed. He calls it the "pirate ship." I guess, depending upon your view of Manifest Destiny, he may be a little bit correct :-)


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