Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy - You're FIRED!

Princess #2 lost her first tooth yesterday! It has been wiggly, and wiggly and was getting close to that really disgusting stage where it's just hanging by a thread. Well, during lunch yesterday, while taking a bite out of her sandwich, princess #2 joined the ranks of gap grins. Ever grateful for a "non" eventful tooth losing (unlike Princess #1's first tooth drama), I took the tooth and with excitement building over gap-gazing and tooth fairy stories, I stuck it in a ziploc baggie and put it (I think) on the kitchen counter.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. We had had a very busy evening and the Princesses were getting off to bed late. Princess #2 requested her tooth to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy, but when I went to retrieve it from the kitchen counter, it was no where to be found. Unfortunately, we had guests over that night. Well, THAT wasn't unfortunate, but the cleaning that ensued prior to their arrival was. I could only guess that in my attempt to clear the clutter from the kitchen, I grabbed what appeared to be an empty baggie off the counter and in a true brain fart moment, threw it in the trash.

Being the rockstar daddy that hubby is, he actually went through our kitchen trash piece by piece (no, I am NOT kidding), looking for the baggie with the missing tooth. When an open, empty baggie turned up, we could only guess that the tooth had fallen into the trash can solo. He went through that mess with a fine tooth comb and found nothing. Poor Princess #2 was so sad, and I was feeling pretty badly about the whole thing. Darn obsessive need to have the house clean when people come over!

Continuing to save the day, hubby explained to a concerned Princess #2 that the Tooth Fairy now carries an iPhone on her, and she gets an instant notification complete with GPS tracking when anyone loses a tooth. So never fear, she would find Princess #2 anyway, tooth or no tooth. We got a satisfied Princess off to bed and as soon as she was asleep I tucked a one dollar bill under her pillow.

The next morning Princess #2 came to me all distraught. The Tooth Fairy didn't come! Puzzled, I followed her into her bedroom and looked all around her bed. No dollar. Seriously? First the tooth, now the money? We looked and looked all morning, under the bed, behind the bed, under the bedding, between the mattress and the bed. Finally, just as I was about to pony up yet another dollar, the lost bill emerged from the abyss between the wall and the bed. Whew.

With the mystery of the money solved, Princess #2 began to mourn the fact that she had no tooth to show her class that day. Mommy guilt hit me full force. In a last ditch effort to make things right, I snuck away while the princesses were getting ready for school and took one of Princess #1's lost teeth (yes, I've saved them. Today I was glad I did!). I put it in a little baggie and in a moment that I can't decide if I'm proud of or ashamed of, I passed it off to Princess #2 as her lost tooth. She was overjoyed at the sight of "her" tooth, and couldn't wait to get to school to show it to her friends and teacher.

Still feeling a bit uneasy about that little white lie, I picked up Princess #2 3 hours later from preschool. She got into the van without her usual bounce, and her face was all forlorn. After alot of questioning and prying she finally told me what was making her sad. SHE HAD LOST HER TOOTH AT SCHOOL!! She had it out to show her teacher, had stuck it on her backpack, then got distracted and left, only to return and not see it anywhere. I very nearly busted out laughing right there. I think maybe I shouldn't have been so grateful for the non-drama tooth losing, because the post-losing tooth drama was almost more draining. After many reassurances that we didn't really need "her" tooth, since the Tooth Fairy had already come, we left school and headed to Target to spend her tooth money at the Dollar Spot. The irony? She chose to spend her one dollar on candy - taffy to be exact.

Looks like there's going to be alot more tooth drama in the future.


  1. Classic!!! I can't believe she already lost a tooth! My C will be SOOO jealous lol.

  2. And you know, even though your house is ALWAYS beautiful when we visit, it doesn't have to be lost-tooth-spotless...
    just sayin'



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