Friday, May 7, 2010

Where I've Been This Week (Or, Call The White Coats, She Might Be Going Crazy!)

I'm sorry I've been completely MIA. I am having a garage sale this weekend (AKA, Why Do I Enjoy Torturing Myself?) and am in pricing, well... let's just say a not very nice place.

7 years worth of baby toys, baby gear, clothes, books, crap nice stuff.

I'm gonna cry if no one shows...

and will be in good company since Princess #4 has decided this week that she hates everybody and punctuates that opinion with crying. Alot.

But at the end of the day, this stuff with be GONE, one way or another. My house will be free of this much clutter and some baby somewhere will have new toys to play with. And that is a Good Thing. Crying or no crying. But I'd rather not cry.


  1. Wow! that is a lot of stuff. You will have a great sale!!

  2. Good for you!! Hope things go well today.

  3. Good luck with your sale! I tried having one years ago and decided never again. Now I either ebay it or donate it.


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